Thursday, May 1, 2014

Looking back a few months

So I lived in Seattle for 7 years and was rooting for the Seahawks at a sports bar one day near my home town back in NY. I had run into a good high school friend a few weeks previous and the bar I was at was close to his house. So I shoot him a text saying he should come join me to watch the game. Now let me get something straight; I realize how that sounded, but what happens later still shouldn’t have happened.

So he asks if he can watch the next playoff game with me too, and that he knows a great bar near his work. Fine, whatever, sounds good, I didn’t want to drink alone anyway. So we meet up for the second playoff game and I am making absolutely no signs that I like him at all. I’m facing the tv’s, not laughing at his jokes, just trying to enjoy the game.  

That’s when he says, “So, I’m your boyfriend now.” 

I say laughing, “Oh, is that so? No one told me.”

He says “Well, what other option do you have?”

Excuse me? What other option do I have? First off, at the time I already had a boyfriend, so there’s a pretty strong option. Second, no one is going to coerce me into being their girl friend. Where’s the romance? Where are the compliments? No other options? Have fun sleeping alone tonight. Needless to say, I never texted him back after that.

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