Thursday, May 1, 2014

Stopping Traffic

So I have this blind double date planned. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into, but I dress casual and try my best to look as pretty as I can.

On my way I have to stop at a tiny store to pick up my fermentation CSA share. It's on this tiny side street in the city next to the railroad tracks with broken glass all over the road. Every time I go, there are kids walking on the tracks heading somewhere. So as I'm leaving the store one of the kids shouts "Hey, you're pretty!" That's a good sign, if random kids think I'm pretty, this date could go well.

I park 3 blocks away from the restaurant, I prefer to walk and clear my head before seeing people. I get the okay to walk light and this pizza delivery car is in the walkway. No big deal, I was just going to go around the front of him. But he puts his car in reverse, the whole time making eye contact with me. I flail my arms trying to get him to stop. He backs into a county vehicle. I quickly walk away. But I took that as another sign that I was pretty that day and my date would go well.

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